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Tours to the secret facility “Duga-1” and the town "Chornobyl-2"


Tours to the secret facility "Duga-1” and the town "Chornobyl-2"


On top of antennas "Duga-1"

    In 1975, a commission for the preparation and launch of the 1st unit, was created. Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant was so to say firstborn of the Ukrainian nuclear power engineering. Komsomol members from all over the Soviet Union were building the most vigorous power plant in the world. The attention of thousands of people was drawn to the grand construction.

    However, only a few people knew that just a few kilometers away from Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant a construction of a top-secret military object "5n32-West" was almost completed. The titanic size radar was towering over the deep forests of Polesie. Combat systems unit of missile warning "Duga-1" was supposed to watch the launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles. The Cold War was in full swing.

    There were only three of such unique systems created in the Soviet Union. The once-mighty country does not exist today. Engineering marvel created by brilliant Soviet designers was almost completely destroyed.

Group of tourists is near antennas in town Chornobyl-2

    Only Chornobyl-TOURists have an opportunity to see the last remaining giant receiving antennas "Duga-1”, since the only array, preserved to our times, is located on the Chornobyl exclusion zone territory.

    In the tour including a visit to "Duga-1" "Chornobyl-2" (not Duga-3!) we'll tell you about one of the most interesting components of a missile defense system which was designed to protect Soviet citizens during the arms race and in case of nuclear war. Because only thanks to such warning systems and missile shield, the two superpower countries did not dare to use nuclear weapons, while being "under the gun" of the opponent.

    Since the end of 2013 each common tour to the Zone along the route Kiev-Pripyat, Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant, Chornobyl, Kiev provides visit of Duga-1 and a military camp "Chornobyl-2". An exception may be days when this facility is under the demolition work. But judging from our experience, all the CHORNOBYL TOUR groups have visited this place since the fall of 2013.
    Also, you can book a private tour with a visit to this object. Details and prices are listed here.

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